www.topfifacoins.com has almost all of vote officials are still

www.topfifacoins.com has almost all of vote officials are still

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FIFA Switzerland announced in Zurich on December 2 of the 2018 and 2022 World Cup hosts fifa coins, Russia won the 2018 World Cup host, on behalf of Asia's Qatar won the 2022 World Cup host. According to FIFA existing of "Qian two session held Chau avoided" rules, originally intends to bid 2026 World Cup of China probably only looks forward to 2030 or 2034 years has and in this times bid 2022 World Cup defeat zhihou, Japan Kyodo senior reporter yetianboshu pointed out that, "Japan and Korea just in 2002 Joint held had World Cup, just later eight years Hou Japan and Korea and alone bid World Cup, has almost all of vote officials are still remember 8 years Qian Han day world cup of impression, FIFA looks forward to bring this spirit to the new land and new markets. "He called Japan's bid failed because" made a wrong decision at the wrong time. "Yetianboshu," said Japan's bid for the World Cup, at least 20 years. ”

In this way, there may be China and Japan also bid to host the FIFA World Cup 2030 2034 or scenario. This was no fantasy and fiction. So, China should do? Economic strength? Also relied on "the whole nation system"? Probably will not work according to the experience of successive World Cup bid, when FIFA decided to host, and always put the "new virgin territory for the World Cup," priority consideration, rather than just considering the host country's economic strength. fifa 14 coins This bid to host the 2022 World Cup, Qatar beat the United States and Japan, because it is hidden behind large Middle Eastern and Arab markets on the strength of the national economy that this year China's economy will overtake Japan to become the world's second largest economy. While the success of the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games, has also been demonstrated: China is capable of hosting any major sports events. However, China should be aware, in reality Japan Football comparison, the biggest "short Board" is that there is no domestic football professionalization in China mature football market and market-oriented reforms for more than 10 years, has not achieved good results, it is increasingly shrinking domestic football market, League level is lower, declining number of registered players, especially worse is created a number of corrupt Insider.

Japan football on the professional practice more patience than China and ambitions, they look for the Brazil football style, starting from youth football, introduction of foreign teachers, as well as in size, team introduced foreign aid, then subtle boost Japan Football development. They will look at it very long and don't care about the city and the pros and cons of defeat narrowed the gap with the world powers. Now, Japan has been hold on Asia's leading teams, and slowly among the ranks of world-level giants, China wants to win 20 years later Japan, successfully bid for the World Cup, please do so now learn from Japan. Primary task is to get down to domestic football market "covering her well", "over heat" and create a League high level athletes high skill, high participation in the passion of the masses of "three-high" market, and increasing international influence. Just think, one with nearly 1 billion people, "hot" for FIFA football market, has a great appeal to develop football in China market, or should we nurture youth football grabs. But, absolute to abandoned existing institutional in the that "training youth football is to formed ' country green ', and ' country less ', then on sent they out ' race Cup won '" of practices, to put training good youth football team as reserves excellent football talent to caught, only such, to guarantees China of football market can continued health to development anyway, more than 1 billion people of common efforts China the career development of strong guarantees, more than 10 more people participation of football is China bid World Cup of win talisman.

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